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Working to protect, enhance and expand

Jonathan's Woods.

Located in Denville, New Jersey

Jonathan’s Woods has become a community asset. People from many of the surrounding towns hike, bike, walk dogs, even ride horses on the trails. The wildflowers and migratory birds in the spring are a magnet for garden clubs and birders.





Pollinator Meadow Project

In March 2023, we began working on the John Schleicher Memorial Pollinator Meadow after a year of planning. In coordination with the Morris County Park Commission, we broke ground on March 9th. On May 20th, we had a group of POWWW volunteers and board members who helped us clear weeds, spread wood chip mulch, and plant 1125 native plant plugs of 24 different species. Heavy rain in the afternoon sent the crew home before all of the plugs were in, so the remainder was planted over the next two weeks.

In June, we hired our first paid intern, Christian Mayer, with a Morris County Park Alliance grant. Christian worked 10 hours a week for three months under the direction of Mike Leone, and alongside POWWW Volunteers Nick Homyak, who tirelessly tackled the Mile a Minute vines, and more. Board member Jeff Scheidecker spread wood chips around the planting area to create a walking path.

All of this hard work began to show results starting in August and September, as the first plants began to bloom, along with many surprise native volunteers attracting an array of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. All in all, it was a very successful start to an exciting project, made possible by a coordinated group effort with generous financial support from Judith Schleicher and her family, the Morris County Park Alliance, and many volunteer hours.


In 2024, we hope to add permanent educational signage and a seating area with benches and continue to expand the planted area.


We are a not-for-profit conservation organization and land trust based in Denville, New Jersey. Our mission is to protect the wetlands, woodlands and potable water supplies throughout the Beaver Brook watershed in Denville, Rockaway and Boonton Townships. We identify and support land acquisition, provide site stewardship and offer public education programs.




To date POWWW in partnership with NJ Fish and Wildlife, the Morris County Park Commission, the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (MCMUA), Denville Township and Green Acres has acquired 635 acres of open space that will be preserved in perpetuity for passive recreation

POWWW creates and maintains trails within Jonathon's Woods through diverse habitats.

The hiking trails and forest at Jonathan’s Woods provide a direct connection to the 3,000+ acres of open space of Wildcat Ridge WMA in Rockaway Township, creating a vital greenway for wildlife.




Starting from the kiosk at Jonathan's Woods parking lot off Old Beach Glen Road, Rockaway the trail crosses the former Pines, now an 18-acre open habitat in the state of ecological succession. It then enters into the remaining pine forest with the Beaver Brook wetland skirting the forest to the right before crossing the White Trail.
Mileage: 1 mile


Starting from the Jonathan's Woods parking lot off Old Beach Glen Road, Rockaway, the wide trail ( formally Ford Road ) crosses the lower section of Jonathan's Woods ending at the Ford Road entrance. About 1/2 mile in on the trail you can pick up the Red Trail just past a stream that crosses the trail.

Mileage: 1 mile


The red trail travels upslope along a babbling brook and through an upland deciduous forest before dropping down into the historic Hog Pen.

Mileage: 3 miles


Starting from the end of Hillcrest Drive in Denville NJ the Red White trail travels along the ridge top before joining the Red Trail.

Mileage: .5 miles


The orange trail begins within Jonathan's Woods off the red trail. The trail crosses Old Beach Glen Road and travels through the Sasso tract, over the Eagle Scout bridge and terminates at Meriden Road. Across Meriden Road is the start of the Blue Trail that is part of the Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area.

Mileage: 1.75 miles

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